The process to schedule classrooms is dependent on: 

  • Room type (general assignment or a departmentally controlled room)
  • Requested use (for a course, a one time request for an academic event, a one time request for a non-academic event, etc.)
  • The type of requestor (e.g. faculty, student)

General Assignment Spaces

General assignment rooms are a shared campus resource. For scheduling courses and academic-related events, oversight of these spaces is delegated to the Office of the Registrar. For scheduling extracurricular activities, oversight is delegated to Student Engagement & Leadership.


All departments/academic service centers have staff responsible for placing classes in rooms. Instructors who seek to schedule courses in General Assignment classrooms or Collaborate labs should inform department staff of their needs. 

Scheduling of Academic Related Events

Academic Related Events are those events requested by an instructor or academic unit for an academic purpose other than courses. These can include study sessions, exam review, or exam overflow spaces.

Requests for academic-related events space may be submitted through Astra Schedule (UCSBnetID & MFA required for login). Step-by-step instructions for how to submit requests, as well as a video tutorial, are available on the Registrar’s Office website.

Scheduling of Extra Curricular Events

Extracurricular events requested by student organizations or non-academic units are scheduled by Student Engagement & Leadership. These requests are also submitted through Astra Schedule (UCSBnetID & MFA required for login) using the "General Assignment Space Requests (RCOs & Non-Academic Departments)" form for the appropriate term.  

More information can be found on SEAL's website.

External users without a UCSBnetID should contact Student Engagement & Leadership directly at

Additional Resources related to General Assignment space

Department Controlled Classrooms

The process to schedule Departmentally Controlled Classrooms is dependent on the specific department.